Copy of Bootcamp Ticket DIY Day Camp Fairview TN Sept 18th 2018


This ticket is for approved applicants to DIY Day camp only.  If you are an approved DIY Day Camp applicant PLEASE do not purchase more than one ticket.  This ticket includes a boxed lunch and admission to classes. Agreeing to purchase this ticket is a commitment to participate in all DIY Day camp events (including on camera events and challenges) during the day of Sept 18th 2018.  Please note, this ticket does not include housing or travel cost. We are excited to have you join us for this 1 day intensive experience like no other! 

**If you are not an approved DIY Day Camp applicant and you have purchased this ticket in error, you will be refunded but will incur a processing fee. 

Please note* this purchase is NON refundable and NON transferable, please know that you are making a commitment to attend.

Day Camp Starts at 6 AM and ends at 6PM Sept 18TH 2018 in Fairview TN. 

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